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After being absent a few years in a row from the San Diego Comic Con, it was nice to be back and to see old friends and make new ones. The crowd of over 60,000 seemed to have as good as a time as we did. The Convention center was bigger than ever which made for a comfortable time for everyone. The isles were extra wide and roomy. Everyone we met was great and it was nice to share many stories with all the folks that stopped by to see us and sign up for our contest (congratulations to our winner Bret Clark of Awch. Ak. who won a ton of FREE Ralph gear) or to purchase stuff or even get a sketch done by yours truely. We had a special deal on all 3 Ralph Comics and a special limited edition post card sealed and packaged in commemoration of the 2002 Con for just $5.00. Lots of people took advantage of the deal and sales were great. We still have a few packages left if you want to take advantage of the deal, we will offer it through our site for the same price but will need to charge you shipping and handling. Just e-mail sharon@rangerralph.com by hitting this link if you want to get in on the deal and she will take care of you. The many panels through the con were wonderful,, I think my favorite was the "Voices" panel with all the guys that brings us those great cartoon voices. it was a great panel and full of laughs and wonderful stories as well as lots of insight about what happens behind those microphones when they are turned off.One of the best things about this event is collecting sketches from different artists in our sketch book. We were able to get some great ones this year, including the great Stan Lee's signature.Take a look below to see some of them. Thanks very much to all of you that bought Ranger Ralph stuff from our booth. We really cherish your support and appreciate you helping us pay for the trip to this great event. We hope to see you again next year and hope you will stop by for a copy of Ranger Ralph comic #4 next year at Comic Con 2003!
The Comic Con banners lined the streets all over San Diego. This one was taken on an early morning walk on Harbor Blvd. directly accross from the Maritime Museum. This couple were well dressed in their Planet of the Apes costumes. They were kind enough to pose as they came by the Ranger Ralph booth.
There were all kinds of things to see and do at the Comic Con. This is some body art that this fan was happy to let me take a picture of.
Our good friends Dave Thorne and his grandson Cameron came by to wish ua well . We were able to hook up for a wonderful dinner one evening for some great fun and conversation.

Balloon hats and super heroes baloons were just some of the fun stuff going on for the kids. One of the highlights was the Speed Racer 35th birthday party with a huge cake, a preview of the new cartoon series and cool prize give aways.

Ken Wheaton, the artist the does the I Dream of Jeanie Comics was kind enough to draw Jeanie in my sketch book. Thanks Ken! I was able to talk Phil Ortiz out of this sketch he did on a panel I attended called"Drawing Comics for Kids". He has worked on the Simpsons for the past 12 years. Thanks very much Phil! Chris Yambar does the writing for the Bart comics. He contributed this illustration to the sketch book. Chris also does a book called Mr. Beat which I purchased at the show. Great stuff Chris!
RANGER RALPH Creator wins 3 awards and an Emmy!
Steven Oerding, Creator and artist of the Ranger Ralph comic series and Producer/Director Robert Knop have ended the year 2000 with four awards for their efforts in creating a 60 second public service announcement for the "Center for the Arts" building to be built on the UC Davis campus in 2002. The commercial features the dancing ARTS letters that were created using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. The commercial was produced for under 5,000 dollars, but was competeing with much larger budgeted commercials. You can see the commercial by going to this address at the UC Davis web sitelisted below.
MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION: How did you come up with Ranger Ralph and when did you start drawing him?

The concept of the Ranger Ralph stories started a long time ago, in a little boy growing up hiking, fishing and camping in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Those memories spawned the character Ranger Ralph and the world he lives in. It is a constant reflection of Steven Oerdings memories of that time.

1986 would be the first time that the world would see Ralph. It first appeared in the Placer Herald, a weekly paper that was produced in Rocklin, California. Steven did a series of fifty 1 cel panels that appeared every week for as many weeks. He even did another 11 until the editor at the time left and Steven no longer wished to work with the paper after that.What follows is what has taken place since then.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee Meets Ranger Ralph
Photos courtesy of Emi Manning
Jackie Joyner-Kersee famous athlete and runner, Ranger Ralph, Dr. Sam Louie and his UC Davis Asthma team of professionals gathered together recently at the UC Davis Medical Center to invite the public to meet and talk with the Olympic Gold medalist to promote awareness about asthma and what you can do to make a difference. Jackie was diagnosed with asthma in 1982. Ranger Ralph brought FREE copies of the 1st and 2nd comic book for everyone that attended. Jackie and her husband Bobby, were presented with a limited edition print of UCAN the Toucan(mascot of the UC Asthma Network), framed , numbered and signed by the creator and artist Steven Oerding. He suffered from asthma as a child and is a volunteer with the program who helps to promote asthma awareness to the public.
Jackie even autographed a copy of Ranger Ralph for Steve.
Steve and Martha Marsh (UCDMC head honcho),present the limited edition to Jackie Joyner-Kersee with a big thankyou.
Dr. Sam talks to the kids about asthma and who they should talk to for help.
Bobby Kersee and Jackie receive a round of applause from the audience.
From left to right: Dr. Sam Louie, Steve Oerding, Martha Marsh, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bobby Kersee and UCAN the Toucan have some laughs together at the end of the ceremony.

Comic number 3 is done AND NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR WEB SITEWatch Ranger Ralph and Elvis as they meet up with Arnold, see Elvis take a scary ride on a jet ski, try and save the swimmers from a huge monster, discover the mystery of where they came from and how they got so big. This is a water adventure full of fun and excitment. It is a limited 5,000 run. you can order your very own copy before anyone by sending an e-mail to: sharon@rangerralph.com

Be the first on your block to own a copy of the first run limited number 3 Ranger Ralph comic adventure"Lake Duty" for just 1.95 plus shipping and handling. or write to us at: Ralph Number 3, P.O. Box 1204, Rocklin CA 95677 Please include a check or money order for 1.95, plus 2.00 shipping and handling.

If you want to see the cover bigger,and a sneak preview of the first page of the comic, just click on the picture.

San Diego Comic Book Convention Debut 1996

Sharons 1996 Exhibitor badge for Comic Con.

Steven had always wanted to do an animation of Ranger Ralph, but had not created a story board for the concept yet. A comic book story that could double as a story board was the perfect next step, and from the fifty drawings as reference, the story began in comic #1. It had a 4-color cover with 20 black and white pages inside. 5,000 were printed and produced on the initial run. A second run has not taken place yet.After applying and being accepted, Steven and his wife Sharon along with their youngest of two named Austin, took the Ranger Ralph comic to The San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1996 for it's debut. Stuffed into a half table spot in artist alley, They gave away hundreds of copies and sold hundreds more. The response was a wonderful suprise. They even gave away a two foot by three foot poster of the cover to a guy named Brad Yoo of Big Pine CA,and free magnets.WOW!

Steven sitting at the Ranger Ralph booth perparing the box for the drawing for the poster of the cover you see behind him. Sharon and Austin in front of the Dark Horse display before the start of the convention.

San Diego Comic Book Convention return 1997

Stevens 1997 Exhibitor badge for Comic Con.

All the excitement gave Steven the inspiration to write the second comic, it was also produced in a 5,000 quantity on the first run and given out that year at the San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1997.The talent was everywhere and Steven and Sharon were fortunate enough to rub elbo's with the best in the biz, not only the best, but kind and thoughtful people that made the experience even better. The response again was overwhelming.The pictures you see below were drawings that other artists did while there at the convention commenting about Ranger Ralph.

Steve and Saron also had another give away for a 2 foot by three foot print of the second cover and the winner picked it up at the convention.

Steven and Sharon wanted to reach a larger group of people and decided that the demand for a web page was their next priority. They decided the release of comic number three would follow the web page a little later. We are happy to report in the next spot below on comic number three.

Sharon stands at the booth in front of the large poster of the second cover that was given away through a drawing on the last day of the con.We notified the winners mom, and she paged him and told him. He was there in about 20 minutes to pick it up.
A Ranger Ralph fan stops by the table and allowed Steven a picture of her great costume.
It was Steve and Sharons good fortune to be able to rub elbos with some of the great talent at the con, and these great sketches are just some of their favorite souvenirs of that adventure.
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