This biography page gives you a brief description about each character that appears in the first two editions of the Ranger Ralph comic book series and how they look in color. You can click Steve's picture that appears on the TV to get a Bio, and more information on him and his projects. Thanks for stopping in!
CLICK ON TV FOR OERDING BIO PAGE Steven Oerding: This is the culprit that created and draws this comic. He is responsible for the entire thing from concept to finished product. Find out more about Steve by clicking on his picture on the television and learn more than you could ever want to know. You can also e-mail him at: if you need any questions answered.
RANGER RALPH: Our Hero, An all around good guy with a Happy go lucky attitude that helps him get through one crazy situation after the other. He is a bachelor who has a fondness for Windy the gate keeper.
ELVIS: Ralph's faithful deer who hates to be separated from his friend and will try anything to make that not happen. Ralph found him after a forest fire and raised him from a little fawn.
ELDA LADY: She is a salty old gal who lives on the edge of the park and loves Bingo and to go on long drives. Elda is a widow who lives with her pet Canary.
ROCKY: He is a Gem Collector and rock polisher by trade. He loves his job and has all the equipment and know how to do it well. He is a Generous guy who would give you his last bag of polishing grit.
PETER PANNER: An old gold panner with a knack for always finding gold in them thar mountains. He has been panning in the public park for over 40 years.
SGT. STU: Retired Marine Corps drill Sgt. has a well groomed yard and notices any little Petal that drops or bug that crawls in his yard. He does not like Ranger Ralphs Rustic landscape.
CAPT. STEWBEAN: Ralphs Boss. He is in charge of the whole park and has his own way of running things.
FRANK: Professional truck driver and fan of Greasies double black coffee (Yesterdays & todays coffee mixed together) he always stops in for a cup on his way to the next town.
FLO: Waitress to the Rich & Famous (She waited on Dolly Parton once). Her motto is always give em what they want as long as they are buying and not just lookin!
FRENCHIE: A French cooking school drop out, Frenchie is Greasies famous chef who loves to burn everything! He will be the first to tell you Charcoal is good for you in moderation. Flo seems to be right there serving when things are done and manages to deliver them to the customers in good shape. They are a great team.
TED TOURIST: A guy looking for adventure to capture on film to show his friends, Ted always seems to overlook the obvious danger ahead to get the perfect shot!
TERRI TOURIST: Teds faithful wife. Best known by the bears in the park for the really great omelets she makes. Terri is always in fashion, even in the woods.
BREN: He is a nice guy that follows the other guys. He always wants to belong and this can cloud his good judgment sometimes.
BUNG: He is always trying to get away with one thing or another. Always looking to start another crisis or chase the next thrill, which constantly gets him into hot water.
FARLEY HARLEY:He is an ex-Harley dude that has always owned a bike, Stick-N-Stone National Park is one of his favorite rides. He will do his best to help out in any situation and has a heart of gold.
DEBBIE JOHNSON: Debbie is the one that keeps the whole park running well. She keeps track of captain Stewbean and makes sure that he makes his appointments on time and watches after everyone in the process.
WINDY McCREETY: She is the park gate keeping attendant and the secret love of Redmond Ralph's life. He is always trying to ask her out, but it seems he is always interrupted before he gets the words out of his mouth to do it. She thinks Ralph is the man of her dreams, but does not know how he feels and would never put him on the spot by asking him out.
DALE HARDY: The half owner of Dales and Dales Standard station, with his life long best friend, DALE GOOBER. The father of the men were the first to look for gold in the hills and after not succeeding, decided to open a gas station instead. Dale is a great mechanic and good man who will always try to sell you what you do not need. Dale is always looking for ways to save money and cut expenses.

DALE GOOBER: He has been life long friends since his and Dale's fathers came here to search for gold many years ago. They operate the gas station together, but Dale is really the one who can wrench on a car with the best of them. He keeps the old tow truck they have in top running condition, which has been known for saving many a stranded camper in the park over the years.

THE COUNTY WORK CREW: These two guys love their jobs almost as much as breaks and lunch.They install signs, and maintain the roads in the park to their own set of standards, which might not be the same standard as the county.
SCOUTMASTER: He is the local leader of the scout troop. He has many years of experience in the wild and always shares his lessons in life with his scouts. He is a father to all the scouts and is well respected by them.
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